What does cost-plus mean?

Cost-plus is a method of determining selling price based on the cost of a product. At Price Less, cost is determined by the total expense it takes to buy products and get them from our suppliers to the shelf, including freight, fuel surcharge, labor, warehouse and overhead. We price our products at cost and then add 10% at checkout. Using cost to determine the selling price ensures that every item in the store is value priced every day.

How is cost-plus different from other stores?

Typical grocery stores have a group of limited weekly specials at deeply discounted prices – even below cost on some items – to entice customers. That means other prices in the store must be higher in order to balance their profits. Cost-plus is a simple, straightforward approach. With product cost as the driving factor for determining selling price, Price Less simply offers the best deals up front, cutting out the need for sales gimmicks, rewards cards, costly memberships and constant up-and-down of prices in order to maintain profitability.

Why are there no weekly sales ads?

First, it’s a matter of cost. We don’t advertise regularly, therefore we keep our costs down and pass the savings on to you. Lastly, it’s a matter of simplicity. We don’t make our shoppers jump through hoops to save, which is why we don’t have weekly sales and gimmicks. Instead by using cost to determine the selling price, we’re able to offer top brands at everyday low prices.

Do you accept manufacturer coupons?

Yes! In addition to our everyday values, you can use manufacturer coupons.

Are there other ways I can save at Price Less?

Yes! Price Less also offers digital coupons. Clip to your account, enter your phone number at checkout, and the savings is automatically deducted.

Text offers are a great way to learn about limited time savings and exclusive offers. To sign up, text PLFOODS to 95577.