DIGIORNO Frozen Pizza - Frozen Supreme Pizza Speciale - 18 oz Pizzeria! Hand Tossed Style Thin Crust Pizza

DIGIORNO Pizzeria! Supreme Speciale Frozen Pizza on a Hand-Tossed Style Thin Crust is created with Italian sausage, premium pepperoni, red and green pepper strips and caramelized onions. This DIGIORNO frozen pizza is made with 100% real cheese and DIGIORNO signature sauce for a meal you can trust when serving your family. DIGIORNO hand tossed thin crust frozen pizza is a traditional favorite because of the crispy texture and a delightful crunch for a truly delicious meal. Step up your quick family dinners with frozen supreme pizza straight from your oven that tastes like it's delivery. Keep this thin crust supreme pizza frozen until you're ready to enjoy it. It's not delivery. It's DIGIORNO.