Spice Classics Chili Powder

Spice Classics® Chili Powder brings bold flavor to Mexican and Southwestern dishes. Great-tasting chili powder starts with carefully sourced ingredients. This Spice Classics® Chili Powder includes ingredients like chili pepper, salt and garlic. After they're harvested, the spices are ground to a fine consistency and packaged with care. When you choose Spice Classics® Chili Powder, you will benefit from the product's: - Thanks to controlled sourcing, this chili powder provides a consistent flavor your guests will love. - Convenience: Grinding and mixing your own spices can be tedious. This chili powder comes finely ground and ready to use, no preparation necessary, so you can spend more time on what matters — perfecting your recipes. - Bright color: Spice Classics® Chili Powder features a bright red color to add visual appeal to your dishes in addition to earthy, hot flavor. Spice Classics® Chili Powder adds earthy, rich flavor to dishes like: - Chili rubbed skirt steak - Spicy chicken kebabs with cilantro rice - 12 bean and black bean vegetarian chili - Beef enchiladas with chipotle cream sauce - Frito pie topped with black bean chili, cheddar cheese, tomatoes and jalapeños. Spice Classics® Chili Powder has a long shelf life when tightly closed and stored in a cool, dry place to protect against flavor loss and moisture. Avoid exposing the product to heat, humidity, direct sunlight and fluorescent light to help preserve its bold flavor and beautiful color, and always use dry measuring spoons and cups to ensure optimal product integrity.