O Cedar ProMist Spray Mop, Microfiber

Makes your life easier! New & improved. 100x: Machine washable over 100 times! Refillable Bottle: Use your favorite cleaning solution. 1-touch bottle release: Easy to remove & securely clicks back into place. Fine Mist Sprayer: Controlled even coverage. Microfiber Pad with Scrub Zones: Break up and lift stubborn dirt & grime. Scrub Zone: non-scratching fibers help break up stubborn dirt and grime. Microfiber: grabs dirt - washes clean! Refills available. Available in washable and disposable refills. Satisfaction guaranteed since 1906. People have trusted O-Cedar for over 100 years to make their lives easier with dependable products that help get their cleaning jobs done right. If you are not completely satisfied, please return product to us with your sales receipt for a replacement or refund. Visit us at: www.ocedar.com. Attn: Consumer Affairs, 2188 Diehl Road, Aurora, IL 60502 1-800-543-8105. Comfort Grip Handle: with easy squeeze trigger. 360 degree Swivel Head: for maximum maneuverability. Scrub Zones: remove stubborn dirt & grime even in grout. Microfiber pad safe for all hard floors. 1-Touch Bottle Release: easy to remove & securely clicks back in place. Wide-Mouth Refillable Bottle: easy to refill with water & your favorite cleaning solution. Made in China.