Purina Deli-Cat Adult Dry Cat Food - 14 lb. Pail

Your cat is unique, and she deserves a tasty meal that features the unique flavor combination of turkey, fish and liver in each and every serving. Enter Purina Deli-Cat adult dry cat food. With all the variety of a deli in one meal, this flavorful blend is just what your cat needs to achieve her daily nutritional goals while satisfying her taste buds. Purina Deli-Cat offers more than just deli-licious taste. It also offers you convenience as a pet owner. This reasonably priced dry cat food is available in a portable plastic jug to easily pour and store food for your feline friend. Keep your cat's delicious meal on hand and entice her with the colorful morsels as she anticipates her next meal. At Purina, pets are our passion, and we know how much you care about your pet's health and meal options. When choosing Purina Deli-Cat's blend of turkey, fish and liver flavors, know that you are choosing quality. Rest assured that each Deli Cat meal includes real ingredients that offer your adult pet 100 percent complete and balanced nutrition. In fact, Purina is committed to studying outcomes of real pets so that your cat is fueled with dry cat food that helps support her overall health. Nutrients are at the cornerstone of our product research. Our nutritionists and scientists study the best ingredients to help deliver nutrients to your pet instead of prioritizing ingredients based on popularity. When it comes to industry standards, Purina is proud to be an overachiever to ensure your pet is supplied with the nutrients she needs. We are committed to meeting or exceeding state and federal requirement to provide your pet with quality food and to ease your mind. The result of these efforts culminates in great nutrition, a healthy meal option and a delicious taste for your beloved cat.