Skittle Sour Box

Share the Rainbow when you stock up on SKITTLES Sour Fruity Candy. Enjoy the classic fruity, chewy candy you love for movie night and game night in an easy-to-share theater box. Every bulk pack of SKITTLES Sour Fruity Candy is filled with classic sour flavors, including sour strawberry, sour green apple, sour lemon, sour orange and sour grape. Bring these tasty bite-size candies to the dessert table at neighborhood gatherings, birthdays or any celebration. Get creative; SKITTLES Candy is a colorful way to add a dash of flair to desserts. Surprise guests by featuring the bold taste of SKITTLES Candy in their party favors. Enjoy the fruity taste of SKITTLES Sour Fruity Candy as an afternoon treat at the office or portion some out to take on road trips with your friends and family. Each pack of fruity, chewy SKITTLES Sour Candy comes packed with enough candy to share with study buddies, neighbors or coworkers for any occasion. Stock the pantry with a classic candy treat everyone will love. Taste the Rainbow.