Helen's Kitchen Indian Curry 10 oz

Made with organic peas & basmati rice. Contains 2 servings of vegetables & 10 g of protein. GMO & gluten free. 11% more. Naturally vegan. Rich in fiber. High in vitamin C. Good source of iron. Zero cholesterol & trans-fat. No added MSG. Helen's Story: As every mother knows, it's not easy to get your family to eat wholesome meals, let alone that green stuff on their plate. So I had to be creative in developing recipes that incorporated organic grains and veggies that not only tasted great, but were quick and nutritious for my active and busy family. These meals were such a hit with my family and friends that after graduating from college, my son Stephen asked if he could share my recipes with the world. With my blessing, Stephen created Helen's Kitchen. Helen's Indian Curry: My daughter-in-law's grandmother, Chickoo, loved to cook and tell stories of her life in Asia and Northern India. In her tiny kitchen, she prepared meals that offered us a taste of her experience there. It was only just a few years ago, that she shared her recipe for Indian curry. This meal unifies our family cultures and passions for cooking. To Chickoo's curry, a recipe with authentic Indian spices, basmati rice, organic green peas and tomatoes, I added my signature GardenSteaks to create a wholesome, organic meal that tastes great. I thank Chickoo for her sharing her delicious recipe for all to enjoy! GMO free - free of genetically modified organisms. Certified organic by Quality Assurance International. Made in USA.