Soy Vay Marinade & Dip, Wasabi Teriyaki

The fire-breathing kick of Wasabi in a Teriyaki that spices up lots of food, and surprises the heck out of sushi. Same great taste! No preservatives. Things are about to get spicy. In 1982, a Jewish boy and a Chinese girl shared their passion - for food - and brought amazing marinades into the world. Once kids were in the mix, life heated up. So did the marinades. Like Wasabi Teriyaki Marinade & Dip. A preservative-free blend of high-quality ingredients like soy sauce, toasted sesame seeds, garlic, ginger and wasabi. For milder spicing, use before cooking. For the full wasabi pow, splash it on after or serve as a dip. We get a kick out of the marinades. (And the kids.) Easy to use whether you're grilling, baking, broiling, stir-frying or whatevering. Now in plastic, because breaking it would be a shame. No preservatives. Bottle is BPA-free. For recipes and tips, drop by